What is the origin of Parcouring?

Parcouring™ MarkenlogoWe created for this competative sport a name which was
supposed to be an “echoism”. It was supposed to give
an outsider the impression of what was to be understood
behind the name. "Parcours" is a known term to Germans
and is listed in the German dictionary. The ending “-ing”
was attached to set a link to other sports like “skiing“ or
“swimming“; this would make the word sound more inter-
national. The complications with the existent sport "Parkour"
were missed out.

Explaining the difference between Parcouring, Parkour and Freerunning

Parcouring is a sport. We emphasize the term „sport“ because Parcouring, dissimilar to Parkour, is not linked to ethical-philosophic conventions and charakter trails. It simply refers to overcome various obstacles during a competition.“To overcome obstacles“, also known as „Parcouring“, provides many oppotunities to use the existing environment as a part of sports equipment. Tournaments are held in two categories (International Rules of Competition)

Parcouring_Image_1Parkour was founded by David Belle.  The practitioner who is also called Traceur (fr.: „the one who paves the way“, „the one who lays a trail“) tackles the shortest and most efficient route in order to reach a goal of personal choice by overcoming all obstacles.

The term „Parkour“ describes a sport and is therefore a modification of the original French word "parcours" which means "route" or "track". (There is a different meaning in German encyclopedia).

Generally, parkour can be performe both within a natural and urban environment. The Traceur overcomes every kind of obstacle in any possible kind of way. In an urban environment puddles, waste baskets, benches, flower beds and trash cans, but also hoardings, walls, advertising columns, gabs, parking garages and under certain conditions even skyscrapers, and clambered up. You are not allowed to modify the obstacles themsleves because you have get along well with your environment.

Freerunning is not a synonym for parkour but a discipline founded by Sebastien Foucan. It is commonly confused with parkour as a great part of their execution is similar to the other. A reason for this could be the strong connection between Foucan and David Belle who have worked out and practised together for many years.

Freerunning stands for moving unconstrained within any ambience. The movement is not considered to be a means to an end, but an end in itself. The focus concentrates on „to move“. You move your body with creativity and you are able to make use of the whole environment – without constraints.Practising freerunning the whole body should be in motion. Efficiency, as basic principal of parkour, does not come to the fore.

The movements`repertory is no subject to structures and limits. It is extended permanently by its followers`creativity. Acrobatic movements, similar to gymnastics or martial arts tricking, often provide incentives or are adopted. Later on their performance are adapted to the environment.





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