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Posted 14.03.2011 by Artur

Belarus, USSR, Freerunning, Competition

On April 2nd, Belarus, Minsk will be host to the first Freerunning challenge in the USSR. There will be a one day competition, followed by a big one day jam event, this seems to be a great way to bring people together and have it be about the community as well as the competition. The list of competitors is still being compiled, but Erik Mukhametshin and Ssha Sheva from Russia are expected to participate. Among the judges will be UF's EZ. Here is the official page for the event.

Freerun - the art of movement, aimed at the esthetic execution elements and free movement in an urban environment. This is a special fusion of athletics, acrobatics, gymnastics and bilderinga (climbing to the city's building)

Schedule of events in the Ice Palace in Belarus Extreme Games 2011:

April 2. USSR Freerun Challenge

12.00-13.30 Free practice on designs

13.30-14.00 Preparing the site for athletes

14.00-15.00 Presentation of participants (20 performances)

19.00-22.00 "Show of Champions. Final 8 athletes, selection of the winners and award ceremony.

April 3

12.00-18.00 Friendly jam + seminar for all comers.

Belarus, Minsk, ul. Pritytsky 57, metro "Sports"
Minsk Ice Palace of Sports "

Rules of conduct:
Evaluation criteria: travel, style, technology, complexity, creativity

The panel of judges:

Participants are given a short period of time and music * to demonstrate their skills on a specially equipped site.

* Musical composition is determined by the athletes themselves.

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