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Fastbreak PARCOURING WORLDCHAMPIONSHIP 2011 – the countdown has already begun

The Fastbreak PARCOURING WORLDCHAMPIONSHIP 2011 takes place on the fair ground at Berlin from 23. – 25.09.2011.
But even now this trendsporting mega-event casts its shadows ahead: a new concept of event management will draw its attention to the public.

There is nothing more than a gentle swoosh sliding through the air. But it has nothing to do with pure method technique. The new generation of parcourer, like the Finn Sami Herttua Perälä, the Belgian Gaetan Bouillet or the German Amadei Weiland already attracted a great deal of attention when starting off last year. They made all the action heroes look small when using athletic moving formations and acrobatics. Regarding Parcouring everything is unfeigned.

More and more spectators have been captivated by this realness during the last few years. At first, there were only a handful of insiders who were followers of such a kind of running and jumping, but today there is a big bulk of fans. The new art of Parcouring – more than a magic word. It`s the key to a track record which is more than fascinating trendsports. Parcouring is an attitude to life.

Athlets like Perälä, Bouillet and Weiland are the anchormen for such kind of new Parcouring, that focuses on an integrative, aesthetic and viewy flow regarding acrobatic content and that isn`t called into question by superfluous and vain posing. It can be seen when practising both disciplines: Practising speed it depends on the given route which is supposed to be passed as fast as possible. Practising style it`s important to have a lot of movings full of jumping and gymnastics which become integrated aesthetically and harmonically into the flow of the movings. For some time elements of gymnastics and Brasilian Caipoera have been implemented. Parcouring meets Art.

„Exactly those requirements are our benchmark for the WORLDCHAMPIONSHIP at Berlin“, says Artur Scherer, „concerning Parcouring we are going to gain access to new target groups. After all Parcouring is known worldwide. There are as many followers in China as in Africa or South America.“
Scherer, who works for KULTOS AG at Bayreuth, is the event promoter of the PARCOURING WORLDCHAMPIONSHIP 2011 and has closely watched athlets from every nation and continent for the last few years. Parcouring is booming.

By now athlets of at least fifteen nations will participate within the disciplines speed and style. The official nomination will start in July. „But even now we receive a huge feedback and a lot of proposals and incitations of companies which would like to support Parcouring.“, says Scherer.



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