Style Contest

Amadei Weiland - Chio X-Treme Parcouring European Cup 2010Usually there are 4 jurors who are supposed to award 100 points per run. There are four categories, 25 points are awarded per category. Thus the athlet totally scores 400 points at the best. The top ten athlets enter the finals.


The term flow means that your performance should be runny and continous. Seesawing from one obstacle to another or dropping incoherent moves would make you lose a lot of points.

You can pretty much score by utilizing your parcour many-sided. The one who is clever enough to fit different movements and creative moves into his performance is on the safe side.

Performance / safety
Safety first! There is no use to give a try to new moves during the competition in order to boost the level of difficulty/ complexity factor. Attention will be payed on performance and soft landing!

Technical demand / complexity factor
The level of difficulty goes without saying. The more complex and challenging, the more points are awarded to the courses of movement.

Moreover you receive an award for the most elaborated stunt of the competition. The previous position or scores are irrelevant.



Speed Contest

Parcouring Speed ContestWithin a parcour a certain route is located which is meant to be mastered as fast as possible. Your success depends on efficiency and speed. Elapsed time is your enemy!

There is a „buzzer“ you have to push at the start/beginning and at the end of the parcour. Your running time will be measured bang on time. Speediness is the winner. If an obstacle is left out,  a diqualification is obligatory.




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