Humans don`t succeed in flying on their own. Till yesterday.

Parcourer hover through atmospheres – whether or not they take a walk, overcome obstacles or take a breathtaking plunge. The moves are more than just a flow – it is a challenging flight, dapper, without comparison regarding expression and the moves` accuracy. For this reason it is even more than an athletic art form.


Parcouring Workshops
PARCOURING™ will affect you

We offer workshops, custom-tailered events  and corporate functions which are carried into execution by our PARCOURING™-athletes. By request we design strategic plans and conceptions as a matter of course which are finally implemented with our athletes.
Core areas of our activity are relevant workshops and shows which are supposed to bolster brands, the media and positions. Therefore we work closely with our client base and event agencies.

We (are able to) provide:

  • Workshop planning
  • Allocation of professionists and trainers
  • Allocation of purpose-made PARCOURING™ obstacles
  • Workshop organization and processing


Live Performance
Life is live.

PARCOURING™ unites two atmospheres to become one: action and elegance/concinnity. For this reason PARCOURING™  becomes an outstanding adventure for its audience. You will experience peak performances -  immediate, breathtaking and absolutely fascinating. You can watch James Bond shows, purpose-made shows, acrobatic martial art performances and thrilling show units directly on location at city festivals, music festivals, promotion campaigns or in shopping malls.

We (are able to) provide:

  • conceptional planning of the show
  • Allocation of purpose-made PARCOURING™ obstacles
  • show organization and processing


Streetwear im Flow

Models are beautiful appearances. What we actually had to write down on a parcouring sedcard would bethe following:  Parcourer are stricking heads who are extremly athletic and who are able to fly over obstacles stylishly. Our athlets are also models who are at your disposal concerning photo series in the fields of sports, trend sports, action, trend, streetwear and urban life. We would like to present you all our ideas and conceptions that come into consideration after an adequate briefing.

We (are able to) provide:

  • Parcourer experienced in modelling
  • Own conceptions in the fields of modelling and action
    Explosive  photography


Parcouring TV Productions
PARCOURING™… and action!

PARCOURING_TV_PRODUKTIONSSPINNE_EnglishPARCOURING™ stars for us. Our goal: we want to carry PARCOURING™
into the world. Therefore we produce movies for all important German TV
stations by ourselves.
Firsthand or in support of other TV productions. Our  know how is on a
par with motion pictures and ranges from our edit suite to our company`s
manpower. We put the athlets in touch with our customers, place them
and, if required, we assume the responsibilty for an appropriate project
management in the field of PARCOURING™, including location-scouting,
dramturgical consultancy within conversions and co-direction within the
area „action“.




Parcouring Events
PARCOURING™ is.... bookable.

PARCOURING™ is more than just trend sport. It`s an event. Everyone will proof us right after having visited a show, a live-act or a championship. We provide a large variety of event modules. But one thing they have in common: due to the multimedia-based crosslinking of our media network and our distribution system called KULTOSWire you can boost the brillance of your PARCOURING™ event noticeably.
Do not be hesitant to ask us.

We (are able to) provide:

  • conceptional planning and processing of the event
  • the most professional and most famous athlets worldwide
  • target group based advertising tactics using the gamut of  multimedia instruments

PARCOURING™ - successful for our customers!

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